Balanced your activity.

Balance you activities and food you eat

How to start with weight loss?

Common question ask by people or commonly google by people so read very carefully this artic

al will help you in some extent to get start with it. Make goal and decide what exactly you want. Get start doing some physical activity and follow nutritious balanced meal plan. Yes you heard it right exercise and diet one without other doesn’t work. When client comes to me for diet consultation I always have conversation about how important is that follow both the things for healthy lifestyle and for weight loss then hear I gets some weird expression because many of them things only getting start with exercise is enough and some of them things following some diet trends will help to achieve the goal. Then my answer is no you have to do both the things because diet and exercise goes hand in hand you can not adopt one healthy habit and neglect another without having an imbalance in your lifestyle contrary to popular belief, exercise alone will not help you with weight loss or stimulate your metabolism. Healthy eating accounts for roughly 70 to 80% of the work with exercise and lifestyle modification being the rest. So all my gym buddy who lift weight and doesn’t follow the balanced diet plan now start doing it.Exercise defiantly support weight loss , improve mood & have verity of health benefits.

People burn the calories while working out & other hand compensate by eating extra calories. Many people will spend countless amount of hours at the gym to undo the damage only to repeat the vicious cycle by overindulging in junk food or alcohol.And other hand I have come across others who simply do not eat enough , skip breakfast or practically starve themselves. They put all their energy into workouts but their bodies never change because these unhealthy habit they have adopted caused them to store fat rather then burn it up. The proper nutrition will help you to obtain the body you desire , improve your self confidence and boost your fitness performance you cannot exercise like maniac and expect the best result , especially if you’re not feeding your body with right food.

Food is fuel an it provides the nutrients and the vitamins wether we need to lose weight or gain weight. And it keeps our body energy levels stable throughout the day.Incorporating whole some food like lean protein , veggies , complex carbohydrates and good fat will keep you healthier and happier in the long term and sustainable. Aim to eat healthy. Be realistic with your goals. Exercise still plays an essential role in helping to burn fat and to increase the metabolism, but it accounts for approximately 20-30% percent of the work. Rest is all nutrition. So people please do contact us for nutrition consultation. Drop down your details to contact you for nutrition consultation.

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Dietitian snesha AP

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