Magic of eating in smaller plate.

Magic of eating in smaller plate

Dt. Snesha AP Uncategorized March 26, 2020 2 Minutes

Eating everyday in smaller plate will help you to eat less. Overeating increase the risk of obesity , heart disease, diabetes and cancer. If you use smaller plate , cups and bowls the same amount of food looks bigger , so you are basically tricking your brain into feeling fuller with less total food , without having to do all that hard cognitive work of counting calories. Do you really thinking counting calories will help in reducing weight?? Will explain this in next article. When it’s come to do weight loss eating nutrition rich food in right amount is very important tool towards weight loss journey. The health benefits of eating in smaller plate.

  • Feeling of fullness & weight control – eating in smaller portion size help in reduce overall calories intake. Eating calories deficit diet help in reducing weight. Eating in smaller amount also your body to use that food you eat immediately for energy instead of storing as execs fat. Eating slow with smaller portions to feel more satisfying after meal. Make a practice of mindful eating which can help you to make healthier food choices.

  • Helps in controlling blood sugar. – Eating small frequently meals also help in reducing High blood sugar levels. A person with higher BMI has insulin resistance in the body. Which can further leads to type 2 diabetes. Whatever you eat especially carbohydrates at the end converts into glucose. Glucose is type of sugar that serves as your body’s primary source of energy. When eat large portion of food your glucose levels raise quickly. When your blood stream is flooded with glucose , your pancreas release insulin to move that glucose into your body cells for use of energy but in diabetic patients pancreas not sufficiently produce insulin or not work properly that leads to high blood sugar levels. Eating small frequently meals which will help keep your glucose and insulin levels stable.

  • Improve your metabolism. – Eating in smaller plates helps to eat less amount of food which helps in improving in digestion and metabolism of the food. If you eat large portion size makes your stomach strech further & causes it push against your other organs , which can leads to discomfort you may also have heartburn because full stomach can push hydrochloric acid back up into your esophagus. Eat nutrition small frequently meal to boost your metabolism.

Article By. – Dt.snesha AP. Clinical dietitian and Nutritionist. Diabetes educator. #eatright #smallerplates #weightloss

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